Wi-Fi network access is offered in the facilities used by students at FGV’s Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Federal District sites, including classrooms, laboratories, libraries, social areas and common areas.

FGV Students Wi-Fi Network

The FGV Students network is accessible at most of the locations frequented by FGV students in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. To access this network for the first time, you will have to input your FGV Access Account name and password. After doing this successfully, and as long as your account and password remain valid, you will automatically and transparently have access to the FGV Students network at all the other sites where it is available, without the need for any other action.
FGV Employees and FGV Visitors Wi-Fi Networks

In locations covered by the FGV Students network, FGV Employees and FGV Visitors networks will also be available, reserved for the use of employees and visitors, respectively.

In accordance with current Brazilian legislation (the Internet Civil Framework Law), by offering Wi-Fi internet access to its students, professors, employees and visitors, FGV is obliged to identify these people.