Email Address for Contact with FGV’s ICT Area

Only students who have a valid email address registered in FGV’s Academic System will be able to use their account.

A message giving the account name is sent to this email address, and although it is possible to obtain this information from the Technical Support area, students may only pick a password if they have a valid email address registered in FGV’s Academic System.

To alter their designated email address, students should contact the Office of the Academic Secretary or make the change themselves by accessing the Students Online system, and:

  • In the “Academic” menu, select “Registration Details”;
  • In “Personal information,” update “Email Address”.

Note 1: If you do not have permission to update your record or you do not know your Academic System account name, you should see your site’s Office of the Academic Secretary.

Note 2: The accounts and passwords to access the Students Online system are different from those of FGV Access Accounts to use FGV’s technology resources; however, the technical work of unifying these accounts is under way.

Note 3: Students at FGV-affiliated schools who do not use Students Online should go directly to their site’s Secretary’s Office to ask for their email address to be updated.

Note 4: Students taking FGV Online distance courses should update their email address on the FGV Online website.