What are they?

Library System Databases

The FGV Library System’s databases cover a wide variety of knowledge areas and they are available to researchers, professors and students to support their academic and research activities.

There are now around 300 databases, including some in the public domain, which anyone with an internet connection can consult free of charge. However, many important databases are only available through contracts (normally paid for via annual subscription fees) and their content may only be consulted by the community of FGV researchers, professors and students.

There are many tutorials on the FGV Library System website, giving detailed guidance on how to use these databases.

Students at one of FGV’s sites can freely consult the content of restricted-access databases. If they are not at an FGV site but they are connected to the internet, continuous access is possible, but they will have to input their login name and password (using the FGV Access Account name that all FGV students possess).