Policy on Use of Technology Resources

Only duly registered students are permitted to access FGV’s networks and technology resources. The access accounts supplied by FGV are personal and non-transferable, and users are solely responsible for all acts, legal or illegal, arising from the use of FGV’s technology resources from these accounts (including internet use). They must therefore know the following rules regarding the use of these resources:

  • Never pretend to be someone else or use a false identity when using computing resources;
  • Take responsibility for your electronic identity, password or other security device, and never reveal it to third parties;
  • Keep antivirus software up to date on your personal devices, such as laptops and smartphones;
  • Never use the network to send confidential information, except when using some secure transmission means, such as VPN or encrypted connections;
  • Take responsibility for the misuse of computing resources in any circumstances;
  • Take responsibility for any acts that violate the rules for using FGV’s computing resources.

The following are considered to be violations of the rules:

  • Break any applicable local, state, national or international law or regulation;
  • Access, show, store or transmit text, images or sounds that could be considered offensive or abusive;
  • Use FGV’s computing resources to embarrass, harass, threaten or persecute anyone;
  • Perform or attempt any type of unauthorized access to FGV’s computing resources;
  • Use FGV’s computing resources to invade, alter or destroy other institutions’ computing resources;
  • Violate or try to violate security systems, by breaking or attempting to guess another user’s electronic identity, password or other security devices;
  • Intercept or try to intercept the transmission of data through monitoring;
  • Interfere with or block other users’ services, cause congestion in the data network, spread viruses or attempt to misappropriate FGV’s computing resources;
  • Use FGV’s computing resources for commercial or political purposes, such as direct mail, spam and political propaganda;
  • Intentionally waste FGV’s computing resources.

Users are not permitted to visit websites belonging to the below categories:

  • Pornography and sexual content;
  • File sharing (e.g. peer to peer, Bit Torrent, eMule, etc.);
  • Child pornography (pedophilia);
  • Support for terrorism;
  • Support for illegal drug use;
  • Computer crackers;
  • Violence and aggression (racism, prejudice, etc.);
  • Violation of copyrights (piracy, etc.);
  • Improper, offensive, illegal, discriminatory and similar content.