What are they?

About FGV Access Accounts

FGV offers its students various information and communications technology (ICT) services. To identify them as legitimate users, FGV gives each student an FGV Access Account. When students activate their account, they generate a password that must be provided during the authentication process, which will be required whenever a service is activated.

The following conditions must be met in order for students to receive and activate an FGV Access Account:

  • Students must be registered on FGV’s Academic System;
  • Students’ records must contain a valid and regularly used email address.

Therefore, students who do not have a valid email address recorded on FGV’s Academic System will not be able to use their account.

Account names are emailed to students as soon as they join the institution. They are only sent once, and, if for any reason, students cannot access this message, they can obtain their FGV Access Account name by calling +55 11 3799 3400 (Sao Paulo),  +55 21 3799 2300 (Rio de Janeiro), or +55 61 3799 8100 (Federal District) and identifying themselves. If they are at one of FGV’s sites, they can also obtain their account name by showing their ID to LEPI (in Sao Paulo), NGSA (in Rio de Janeiro) or the ICT Support team (Federal District).