Activating Your FGV Access Account

Accounts need to be activated before they can be used. The activation operation is composed of two important steps:

STEP 1 – Confirmation of link between account and student, using his or her registration details in FGV’s Academic System. To this end, a message is sent to the student’s registered email address. If this email address is incorrect, it will need to be corrected through the Students Online channel.

Note 1: Students at FGV affiliated schools who do not use Students Online should go directly to their site’s Secretary’s Office to ask for their email address to be updated.
Note 2: Students taking FGV Online distance courses should update their email address on the FGV Online website.

STEP 2 – Creation of a password that will be valid for 180 days, after which a new password must be created, repeating the same activation procedure.

To activate their account, students should follow the steps below:

  1. Run the “Password Reset – FGV Access Account” app ( or use this link to access it.
  2. Enter your FGV Access Account name and click “Send.”


Attention: When successive attempts at authentication have occurred, a security mechanism called reCAPTCHA will be activated, which will ask the user to go through another kind of verification. The answers are easy for people and so they can identify access attempts by robots. For more information, please see

3. Wait to receive a message at the personal email address you gave to FGV’s ICT service (registered in FGV’s Academic System), containing a link and a code allowing you to register your password. The time taken to receive this message will depend on the quantity of activities in both the email system that sends it (FGV’s) and the one that receives it. If you do not receive this message, access Students Online to check whether your email address is correct and to rectify it if necessary. Another option is to contact the Secretary’s Office for help.

4. After you open the message, click on “SET NEW PASSWORD” or use the link below the button and wait to be redirected to the password registration page.

5. On the following page, “Password Reset – Register New Password,” type in your new password twice, click “Send” and wait for the registration confirmation message.

6. You will also be sent an email, as in the example below, confirming that your password has been reset.

FGV Access Accounts are personal and non-transferable, and you should never reveal your password.

If you forget your FGV Access Account name, you can obtain it by going through the steps described in “Forgot Your FGV Access Account Name? or you can request help from the Secretary’s Office, LEPI (Sao Paulo), NGSA (Rio de Janeiro) or the Service Desk, by calling +55 21 3799 2300,  +55 11  3799 3400 or  +55 61 3799 8100.

The above procedures are also used to change passwords, which must be done at least every 180 days.